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About the Canadian Shire Horse Association

The Canadian Shire Horse Association (CSHA) is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act of the Department of Agriculture, Canada.  The objectives of the CSHA are the encouragement, development and regulation of purebred Shire horses in Canada.

First formed in the late 1800’s, the Canadian Shire Horse Association published Volume 1 of its Stud Book in 1901.  Registrations were made in Ottawa with the Canadian Livestock Records and continued quite strongly until 1946 when mare #1678 and stallion #1746 were the last to be registered.

It was not until 1983 that registrations were accepted again by the Canadian Livestock Records, but they were entered into the General Stud and Herd Book and started with mare #1679.  At this time, a group of Canadian Shire breeders began plans to reinstate the CSHA under the Livestock Pedigree Act of 1952.  With a new Constitution approved by Agriculture Canada, the CSHA decided to issue its own registration certificates, and the first CSHA papers were issued in July 1989 to mare #1719, shown below. In 2022, the CSHA transferred the registry back to the Canadian Livestock Records Corp.

Trem-Y-Wddfa Black Beauty Her name is Trem-Y-Wddfa Black Beauty [1719] (141252) 22564-M. She was foaled in Wales in 1979 and imported to Canada in 1981 by Blake and Fran Anderson, Gentle Giant Ranch.

This photo was taken at the Calgary Stampede in 1984, the first year that Calgary offered separate Shire classes, and she was the first place Shire broodmare.

The Shire horse is playing an ever increasing role in the Canadian heavy horse industry.  

With keen breeders and quality stock, the future of the Shire horse and the Canadian Shire Horse Association looks very promising.

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