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Welcome to the Canadian Shire Horse Association

... a Shire enthusiast resource center and
Internet showcase of Canadian Shires

The purpose of the Canadian Shire Horse Association is to encourage, develop and regulate the breeding of Purebred Shire horses in Canada.  This is accomplished by keeping a record of the breeding and origins of the Shire horses in Canada and by collecting, preserving and publishing data and documents relating to the same.

The CSHA has established Standards of Breeding, and a system of Registration to protect and assist Breeders engaged in the propagation and breeding of purebred Shire horses and in compliance with the Animal Pedigree Act as set out by the Government of Canada, Department of Agriculture.

To ensure a high standard is maintained, all Shires, except geldings, must have a DNA Parentage Verification prior to being registered with the CSHA.   As part of a long term project to improve the breed, the Canadian Shire Horse Association has adopted some of the same principals as the Shire Horse Society in the UK and has a “Breed Standard” policy.  Stud Colt foals (Stallions) are “Notified” with the CSHA as a foal.  As he turns two years old, he is then examined by a veterinarian to ensure that he complies with the "Breed Standard", and must pass a "Veterinarian Stallion Inspection" as prescribed by the CSHA, before being registered as a stallion.

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